Skatenostro's i420mixtape - The Cold Files

SKATENOSTRO won't stop.
Skateboarding won't stop.
Freddo won't stop.
We don't wanna stop skateboarding.
I really love this edit,because the last days we had ICE on quarters and from 0 to -1 degrees all days and skate with fog and shit cold on this small Place far from most of all Street skatespot around the zone. If you look at Fabio's Blunt on the quarters you can spot Ice on there...this is no joke shit. Crazy Kids skating handrails wearing only T-SHIRT is such a mind-blowing,and instantly makes me hyped to skate. No matter if you suck or you're the dopest in there,just hanging around with your lady at the skatepark these days deserve respect. 

We don't stop.


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