Federico Mazzucchielli x Pachyderm

Federico is skating alone. A dark atmosphere surrounds him. Pachyderm is the beast hidden inside his skateboard who help him to do some crazy beautiful tricks.

The movie was filmed in 16:9 high definition. The 4:3 aspect ratio and the fisheye vignettes were added in post production to recreate the famous look of Sony VX1000 camcorder which is the most popular camera for skateboarding movie.

Directed and edited by Luca Poldelmengo.
Original Soundtrack by Noise Atlas.

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last summer we had some SN camping tour in the slovenian woods .

tu dov’eri eh men?

so the recap job this time was made with a cell phone cam
by the younghstars Lijublijana army.
see you everybody next august 

HNQ is out! 
fresh vx vibes from espain!
(gracias mario cano, per questo video arte)
#alebale che ne pensi? mandami un piccione viaggiatore e fammi sapere

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